Otome Road

Tokyo, Japan

Otome Road

Otome Road (乙女ロード, Otome Rōdo, lit. "Maiden Road") is a name given to an area of Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan that is a major shopping and cultural center for anime and manga aimed at women. The area is sometimes referred to as Fujoshi Street, referencing the name given to fans of yaoi.

Otome Road is located to the immediate west of Sunshine City, near Ikebukuro Station. Bordered by the Shuto Expressway, its boundaries are roughly defined as beginning at the Ikebukuro Animate Cafe and ending at the K-Books Cosplay Store. Several other stores focused on goods aimed at women are located further west in Ikebukuro, mainly concentrated around the flagship Animate store. As Otome Road is only a small area of a larger commercial district, it does not have frequenters who walk around in cosplay, and is not immediately distinguishable from other streets.

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