Topsham, United Kingdom

Topsham is a town of 3,700 people (2011) in Devon in England's West Country. Formerly a major seaport, the town is now of interest for its architecture, scenery and proximity to nature reserves for wading and migrating birds, such as RSPB Bowling Green Marsh on the Exe Estuary, the whole of which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Topsham has become a desirable and high-value residential location. In the 21st century development has expanded into the 'Topsham Gap' – greenfield land between Topsham and Exeter.

Topsham is now a part of Exeter, but was formerly a town in its own right, and most locals to the area consider Topsham separate and distinct from Exeter. Before the arrival of the railway, situated as it is on the Exe estuary, it was a busy port concerned with fishing and shipbuilding and the import and export of goods of all description.

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