Toronto Sculpture Garden

Toronto, Canada

Toronto Sculpture Garden

The Toronto Sculpture Garden is located at 115 King Street East in a small 80 by 100 foot (25 by 30 m) park directly across the street from Cathedral Church of St. James (Toronto), in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It operated as an independent entity from 1981 to 2014 and is administered by the city's parks department.

The main amenity in the Sculpture Garden is a waterfall fountain along the East wall. The fountain drains into a grille that is 1.063 metres (41.9 in) wide (left-to-right) by 24 inches (0.610 m) front-to-back. The width of the fountain waterfall is equal to the width of the grille, i.e. 1.063 metres (41.9 in).

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