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Tregony (Cornish: Trerigoni), sometimes in the past Tregoney, is a village and civil parish in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It lies on the River Fal. In the village there is a post office (now closed and located in the shop), shop, a sports and social club and two churches. Tregony has bus links to the nearest city, Truro. Cornelly parish was united with Tregony in 1934. Tregony was once a port, but clay mining upriver in St Austell has caused the river to become silted over. The population was 768 in 2011 with nearly 15% claiming Cornish identity.

The manor of Tregony was recorded in the Domesday Book (1086) when it was held by Frawin from Robert, Count of Mortain. Its earliest known spelling was Trefhrigoni, in 1049. There was 1 hide of land and land for 5 ploughs. There were 2 ploughs, 5 serfs, 3 villeins, 6 smallholders, 12 acres of woodland, 100 acres of pasture, 3 cattle, 40 sheep and 20 goats. The value of the manor was 15 shillings though it had formerly been worth 25 shillings.

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