Italian Peoples Bakery

Trenton, United States

Italian Peoples Bakery

Italian Peoples Bakery is a bakery and delicatessen founded in 1936 and located in the Chambersburg neighborhood of Trenton, New Jersey. The bakery expanded to wholesale distribution of products and now serves parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The bakery of established in 1936 when Pasquale Gervasio opened a bakery on Hamilton Avenue in Trenton, New Jersey. The bakery was known for its bread spread and expanded over the years into wholesale distribution for local delis and supermarkets. Pasquale died in 1955. His family continued to operate the bakery until it was eventually purchased by Joseph Guagliardo, an in-law who formerly worked for General Motors. Ownership was later passed to his son, Carmen and grandson, Matthew. In 1956, the bakery was incorporated and moved into automated production. By 1990, the bakery had acquired Frey's Baking Company and New Colonial Bakery as production included sourdough rye.

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