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Trefin is a village in the Welsh-speaking area of North Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales. It is sometimes given the anglicised spelling Trevine, particularly on older maps, although the official name is Trefin in both English and Welsh. Trefin's name comes from the Welsh Trefaen meaning 'village on the rock outcrop'. The rock outcrop can be seen in many places around Trefin, especially its centre. The village lies within the parish and community of Llanrhian.

Although small, Trefin is an historical village. It is linked to the Archdruid Crwys, who was born in Craig Cefn Parc, Glamorganshire, and the historic mill at Aberfelin is the subject of his poem Melin Trefin. The mill was in use for around 500 years and was used by the villagers of Trefin and surrounding areas. Wheat was milled to produce flour for bread and barley was ground into winter feed for livestock. By the 1900s cheap grain was being imported from overseas and milled in larger mills in towns and cities and Trefin Mill closed in 1918. The mill stones remain in the ruins of the roofless mill.

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