Guitars – the Museum

Umeå, Sweden

Guitars – the Museum


Guitars – the Museum is a museum located in downtown Umeå, Sweden. The museum is located in a brick building that previously hosted the school Vasaskolan. The building dates from 1904. It shares the venue with a rock club, a restaurant, a music store and a record shop. The museum opened in late January 2014, in connection with the inauguration of the European Capital of Culture in Umeå.

The museum is run as a joint venture led by the people behind the music store, 4Sound, and the rock club, Scharinska, (which has retained the name even after the move from Scharinska villan to Vasaskolan), whom also are behind the investments in the guitar museum. Umeå municipality has supported the museum enterprise both through renovation and adaptation of the premises, and with an annual co-funding of 2.4 million Swedish crowns during 2014 and 2015.

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