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Väven is a cultural center in Umeå, Sweden located next to Ume River. Väven opened in late November 2014, the year that Umeå were one of the two European Capital of Culture. Culture fabric will include several cultural institutions that have been moved from other parts of town, as well as some new cultural initiatives. Building costs, the collaborations that have formed and the relocation of the town library to the new building has caused debate in Umeå.

The building covers most of the block Heimdal and is located in central Umeå, between Storgatan and the Ume River. Väven was built in 2011-2014 as part of the urban development project City between the bridges. The client is Umeå Municipality and the local real estate company Balticgruppen, through the jointly owned company Väven in Umeå AB.

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