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Umeå (UK: OO-mə-aw, US: OO-may-oh, Swedish: [ˈʉ̌ːmɛɔ] (listen), locally [ˈʉ̌ːmɛ] (listen); South Westrobothnian: [²ʉːm]; Finnish: Uumaja; Ume Sami: Ubmeje; Southern Sami: Upmeje; Northern Sami: Ubmi) is a city in northeast Sweden. It is the seat of Umeå Municipality and the capital of Västerbotten County.

Situated on the Ume River, Umeå is the largest locality in Norrland and the thirteenth largest in Sweden, with a wider municipal population of 130,224 inhabitants in 2020. When Umeå University was established in 1965, growth accelerated, and the amount of housing has doubled in 30 years from 1980 to 2010. As of 2018, Umeå was gaining around 1000 inhabitants per year and the municipality plans for having 200 000 inhabitants by 2050. The projection of municipality size in 2050 has, however, been questioned as an overestimation in an independent study.

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