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Valkenburg is a city in the south of the Netherlands, usually buzzing with visitors. It has been a major domestic tourist destination for decades and packed with hotels, bars and restaurants. The crowds that gather here in summer partly come for the town's interesting historic sights but also for the general atmosphere and facilities. Christmas is the second high season here, with plenty of decorations up from the start of November and famous Christmas markets in December. In many ways, Valkenburg as a town seems to encourage visitors to just have a good time.

Siege and conquest were characteristic of the history of Valkenburg, and the town's centre holds plenty of evidence of former grandeur. The castle in the middle of the city - of which now only a ruin remains - was destroyed in December 1672. Only two city gates (the Berkelpoort and the Grendelpoort) and a part of the city walls survived destruction and both have been thoroughly restored.

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