Portomaso Business Tower

Valletta, Malta

Portomaso Business Tower

The Portomaso Business Tower (often referred to by locals as simply "Portomaso") is a high-rise office building in Malta. The tower stands in the Portomaso section of St. Julian's, a town just north of Malta's capital city, Valletta. Opened in 2001, the Tower is 97.54 metres (320.0 ft) tall, with 23 floors of mixed commercial office space. It became Malta's tallest building upon its completion, and remained so until 2020 when it was surpassed by the still-under-construction Mercury House Tower, also in St. Julian's.

The first six floors of the Tower have 465 square metres (5,010 sq ft) of floor space, while the remaining floors have 295 m2 (3,180 sq ft) each. The main floor is occupied by a shopping centre while the top floor of the building is a nightclub with balconies affording views of the island nation.

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