Queen Victoria Statue

Valletta, Malta

Queen Victoria Statue


A statue of Queen Victoria stands in front of the National Library of Malta in Republic Square, Valletta, Malta. Sculpted out of marble by the Sicilian artist Giuseppe Valenti, the statue depicts the Queen sitting down and wearing a shawl of Maltese lace. It was installed in the square on 5 August 1891, replacing a bronze statue of António Manoel de Vilhena.

The site of the statue was an empty space until the mid-19th century, when Governor John Le Marchant installed a bronze statue of António Manoel de Vilhena and established a garden with orange trees in the square. The statue had been cast in 1736 and it had previously been located at Fort Manoel. After the statue of Queen Victoria was installed instead of that of Vilhena, the latter was moved to Floriana and the orange trees were removed.

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