Republic Square, Valletta

Valletta, Malta

Republic Square, Valletta

Republic Square (Maltese: Misraħ ir-Repubblika) is a piazza in Valletta, Malta. The square was originally called Piazza Tesoreria or Piazza dei Cavallieri, since the treasury of the Order of Saint John was located in the square. After a statue of Queen Victoria was installed in the square in the 19th century, it became known as Queen's Square or Piazza Regina (Maltese: Pjazza Reġina). Although its official name is Republic Square, it is still commonly referred to as Piazza Regina.

Originally the site was a square called Piazza dei Cavalieri, but during the British period Governor Gaspard Le Marchant enclosed the space to create a British-access only orchard. Some photos of the orchard form part of a historic photograph collection of Malta.

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