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Schloss Velden is a castle in the Austrian tourist resort of Velden am Wörther See, Carinthia. It is run as a year-round hotel located on the western shore of Lake Wörth (Wörthersee).

The original Renaissance castle was erected from about 1590 onwards as a residence of count Bartholomäus Khevenhüller (1539–1613), Freiherr of Landskron, who had served as ministerialis of the Inner Austrian archduke Charles II. Finished in 1603, the Khevenhüllers lost it already in 1629, when the Protestant dynasty was expelled from the Carinthian lands by Charles' successor, Emperor Ferdinand II, during the Thirty Years' War. Emperor Ferdinand III sold the castle to the Dietrichstein noble family in 1639. Devastated by a blaze in 1762, the remnants were uses as an inn and a postal station. The Dietrichsteins held the Velden estates until 1861.

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