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Mali Mokri Lug (Serbian Cyrillic: Мали Мокри Луг) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in the south-eastern section of Belgrade's municipality of Zvezdara. It marks the border with the municipality of Grocka. It mostly stretches between Bulevar kralja Aleksandra and the Highway Belgrade–Niš, but also north of the boulevard (Zeleno Brdo). It extends into the neighborhoods of Mirijevo on the north, Konjarnik on the west, Medaković III on the south-west, Veliki Mokri Lug on the south and Kaluđerica (in Grocka municipality) on the east.

Mali Mokri Lug occupies the northern section of the Mokroluški potok valley, which is today used as a route for the Belgrade-Niš highway and divides Mali Mokri Lug and Veliki Mokri Lug. The neighborhood occupies the southern slopes of several hills (Bajdina, Zeleno Brdo, Stojčino Brdo with an altitude of 270 m or 886 ft), descending into the Mokroluški potok's valley, so the entire neighborhood is built downhill.

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