Il Gobbo di Rialto

Venice, Italy

Il Gobbo di Rialto

Il Gobbo di Rialto (the Hunchback of the Rialto) is a marble statue of a hunchback found opposite the Church of San Giacomo di Rialto at the end of the Rialto in Venice. Sculpted by Pietro da Salò in the 16th century, the statue takes the form of a crouching, naked hunchback supporting a small flight of steps.

According to the writings of Stefano Magno, it was unveiled on 16 November 1541 and was used as a podium for official proclamations. The statutes of Venice or the names of offenders would be proclaimed by an official standing on the block at the same time as they were read out at the Pietra del Bando near Piazza San Marco.

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