Ponte dei Tre Archi

Venice, Italy

Ponte dei Tre Archi

The Ponte dei Tre Archi (Italian for "Three Arches' Bridge") is one of the main bridges of Venice, Italy, along with the Ponte delle Guglie, the other bridge spanning the Cannaregio Canal, and the four bridges spanning the Canal Grande: Rialto, Scalzi, Accademia, and the Costituzione. It is located in Cannaregio district (sestiere), just South of Rio San Giobbe, linking the fondamenta San Giobbe, and the South-West area of Cannaregio, to the fondamenta di Sacca San Girolamo and the North-East of Cannaregio. As all other Venetian bridges, the Ponte dei Tre Archi is a pedestrian walkway.

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