San Michele in Isola

Venice, Italy

San Michele in Isola

San Michele in Isola is a Roman Catholic church, located on the Isola di San Michele, a small islet sited between Venice and Murano, which once sheltered a Camaldolese monastery (Italian: Monastero di S. Michele di Murano), but now houses the main cemetery of the city. The monastery was mostly demolished in the 19th century, but the church remains, originally rebuilt starting in 1469. The church is dedicated to Saint Michael (Roman Catholic), the holder of the scales on Judgement Day, a fit guardian of the sleep of the faithful dead. The island cemetery now includes the land of the formerly separate island of San Cristoforo. This church is sometimes referred to as San Michele di Murano, although this islet is separate from islands comprising that town.

It is stated by Cornaro, that Camaldolese tradition holds that Saint Romuald, founder of the order, lived circa the year 1000 on this island, perhaps attracted by its insularity relative to the main islands of Venice. However, the first documentation we have is that a church dedicated to St Michael was granted in 1212 to the monastic order under the assent of the Bishops Marco Niccola and Buono Balbi. The church was consecrated in 1221 with attendance of Doge Pietro Ziani.

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