Veraval, India

Veraval-Somnath is a city on the west coast of India in the Junagadh district in the state of Gujarat. The Somnath Temple located in the Prabhas Kshetra near Veraval is the most sacred of the twelve Jyotirlings (lingas of light) of the God Shiva.

Somnath is 465 km from Ahmedabad and is connected by rail and road. There is a night train from Ahmedabad to Veraval station. Somnath also has a railway station but has very few direct trains to major Indian cities. It is possible to fly to Rajkot from Delhi and possibly other cities, take a tempo to downtown Rajkot and take a train for 4-5 hours (see sunny countryside and the reality of poor encampments beside the tracks) from there to Veraval; some of the trains continue the remaining short distance to Somnath.

Veraval Tours & Activities