Santissima Trinità, Verona

Verona, Italy

Santissima Trinità, Verona

The Church of the Santissima Trinità (Chiesa della Santissima Trinità) is a Romanesque style, Roman Catholic church in Verona, region of Veneto, Italy.

A church at this site was built in 1073 by Benedictine order Vallombrosan monks at the site of a previous religious temple. The monks were patronized by Matilde di Canossa and Fulcone d'Este. In 1117, the church was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, but that same year, an earthquake devastated the town and required extensive reconstruction for both the church and monastery. The church was made a parish church in 1336, it was enlarged in the 16th-century with the addition of an atrium and a Loggia delle Convertite. By the 1441, the abbey was abandoned by the Vallombrosans, and by 1536, it had become a prison. During the 19th century, the church fell into ruin. The adjacent cloister was partially razed in the early 19th-century, and during the 19th century, the church was attached to initially Salesian nuns, then the order of Stimatini. The cloisters and the Chapel of the House of Loreto were also destroyed in the aerial bombardment of April 6, 1945.

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