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Vienna, Austria

Kursalon Wien


Kursalon (Kursalon Hübner) is a music hall in Vienna, designed by Johann Garben in the style of the Italian Renaissance and built between 1865 and 1867.

In 1857, Emperor Franz Josef I ordered to demolish all the fortifications. Instead, he commanded to construct the Ring Boulevard as the expansion of the city. 1862 marked the opening of 65,000 m2 City Park, located in adjacent territory and designed by the landscape painter Josef Selleny. The Kursalon served as a place where visitors could get mineral waters to drink. Any amusements and social events were not allowed. But with the completion the venue saw changes. In 1868 the first concert by Johann Strauss took place in the Kursalon. Since then, the venue became a place for concerts and meetings. In 1908 the Kursalon was rented by Hans Hübner. Thus, its second name the place inherited from its owner. In the late 1990s the city government decided to sell the venue to the Hübner family.

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