Pha That Luang

Vientiane, Laos

Pha That Luang


Pha That Luang (Lao: ວຽງຈັນ or ທາດຫຼວງ, IPA: [tʰâːt lwǎːŋ] 'Great Stupa') is a gold-covered large Buddhist stupa in the centre of the city of Vientiane, Laos. Since its initial establishment, suggested to be in the 3rd century AD, the stupa has undergone several reconstructions as recently as the 1930s due to foreign invasions of the area. It is generally regarded as the most important national monument in Laos and a national symbol.

Buddhist missionaries from the Mauryan Empire are believed to have been sent by the Emperor Ashoka, including Bury Chan or Praya Chanthabury Pasithisak and five Arahata monks who brought a holy relic (believed to be the breastbone) of Lord Buddha to the stupa in the 3rd century BC. It was rebuilt in the 13th century as a Khmer temple which fell into ruin.

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