Gotland Artillery Regiment

Visby, Sweden

Gotland Artillery Regiment

The Gotland Artillery Regiment (Swedish: Gotlands artilleriregemente, designation A 7) was a Swedish Army artillery regiment that was in active service between 1811 and 2000. The regiment was based in Visby as part of the Gotland Garrison.

The regiment origins from the Artillery Conscripts of the Gotland National Conscription (Gotlands nationalbevärings artilleribeväring), which were organized in 1811 as a result of the Russian occupation of Gotland in 1808 and by a convention adopted by the islanders in December 1810, which was ratified by King Charles XIII on 5 February 1811. It consisted then of two artillery batteries and a fortification company with a squad of 100 men, located in Visby. The unit was reorganized in 1861 into Gotland National Conscription Artillery Corps (Gotlands nationalbevärings artillerikår) and was given the designation No 4. In 1887 the corps changed its name to Gotland Artillery Corps (No 4). The Gotland Artillery Corps was redesignated No 7 in 1892 so that the planned Norrland Artillery Regiment could become No 4. In 1914 the name was changed to A 7. In conjunction with the so called OLLI reform, which was carried out by the Swedish Armed Forces in 1973 and in 1975, A units and B units were created. The A units were regiments responsible for a defence district, and the B units were training regiments. In Gotland's case, it distinguished itself from the allotment on the mainland. This when the VII. Military Area was reorganized into Gotland Military Command (MKG) in 1966. The military command constituted a special command and control organization within the Eastern Military District, but did not have the overall responsibility for the administration of the island. Furthermore, the professional mobilization was led on a unit level. Through the reform, the full mobilization and material responsibility within the military command was added, regardless of military branch. This meant that the Gotland Artillery Corps which was included in the Gotland Military Command (MKG) came to be a B unit (training regiment). By the reform, the corps adopted the new name Gotland Artillery Regiment on 1 July 1975.

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