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Nidhivan which means "Forest of Tulsi" is one of the sacred forest sites of Vrindavan. It is situated in the Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh, India. Nidhivan is considered as the most prominent site dedicated to the pastimes of Hindu deities Radha Krishna and their gopis. It is the common belief among devotees that Nidhivan still witnesses the Raslila (dance) of Radha and Krishna during night time and thus, nobody is allowed to stay inside the premises of Nidhivan at night.

The site has numerous Tulsi (Basil) plants which are short in height but found in pairs and have entangled trunks. Besides Tulsi plants, the premises houses a palace called "Rang Mahal" where it is believed that Radha Krishna spend their night after raslila, a temple called "Bansichor Radha" where Radha has stolen the flute of Krishna, a shrine dedicated to Swami Haridas who with his complete devotion made the idol of Banke Bihari appeared, Raas Leela Sthali where Raslila is performed and Lalita Kund which was believed to be made by Krishna himself when gopis asked for water amidst of Raslila.

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