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Weehawken is a town of 15,000 people (2019) on the Hudson River in northeastern New Jersey. Despite having a high population density and a location at the heart of the New York metroplitan area, Weehawken has a small-town feel, comprised of close knit neighborhoods. Its location at the southern end of the Hudson Palisades has since the colonial era been described as idyllic.

From JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark Airports, you can take a bus or train to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan, near the eastern portal to the Lincoln Tunnel, the world's busiest. The western portal is in Weehawken, and thousands of buses pass through each day. While most do not stop in town there are plenty that do, but one must take care choosing one that goes to the right neighborhood, whether the final destination is Uptown, the Heights, the Shades, or the Waterfront. Alternatively, and at reduced cost, you can travel from Newark Airport on public transportation to Newark Penn Station, transfer to the PATH rapid transit system, and switch to local buses at Journal Square in Jersey City or Hoboken, where the Hudson Bergen light rail is also available. The easiest way of getting in is a 6-minute ferry ride from Midtown Manhattan via the Lincoln Harbor

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