Scherpenberg mill

Westmalle, Belgium

Scherpenberg mill

The Scherpenberg mill, located in Westmalle, Belgium, is a tower mill that was built in 1843 to grind grain into flour. It is currently owned and operated by the municipal authorities of Malle, the only hours of operation being Sunday from 1:30 P.M. until 5:00 P.M.

The mill was built in 1843 by Joannes and Petrus Mullenbrück (alternately found as Meulenbroeck). The Mullenbrücks were the sons of Christianus Mullenbrück, who had come from Westphalia to Westmalle in 1808. Joannes became a miller in Westmalle, and his brother Petrus moved to Ossendrecht in the Netherlands where he also worked as a miller.

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