Old Town Hall, Whitby

Whitby, United Kingdom

Old Town Hall, Whitby

The Old Town Hall, Whitby is a building on the Kirkgate section of Church Street, in the Old Town area of Whitby, North Yorkshire, England.

The Old Town Hall in Whitby was built in 1788, and as the name suggests, is located in the 'Old Town' area of Whitby on the east side. The town hall was built when the market place was laid out to replace the market place that was located on the west side of the River Esk at the west end of the bridge. The town hall measures 11 yards (10 m) in length and 9 yards (8.2 m) in width and was furnished with a clock at the expense of the town (the building being paid for privately). The clock tower also holds a bell which was tolled to start any court process.

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