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't Lam (English: The Lamb) is a smock mill in Woudsend, Friesland, Netherlands which was built in the late 17th century and is in working order. The mill is listed as a Rijksmonument.

't Lam was built before 1698. It was bought in that year by Dirck Tjebbes and was described as a bone mill. An advertisement in the Leeuwarder Courant of 12 July 1775 asked for tenders to repair the corn mill at Woudsend. In January 1837, the mill was bought by M A Tromp. He modernised the mill, and it was offered for sale under the name 't Lam in 1839 for ƒ4,200.25. The mill was then a corn, malt, mustard, pearl barley, and rye mill. The mill was again advertised for sale in 1840 for ƒ2,600. After being offered for sale in 1848 for ƒ2,525, the mill was bought from Wietse Hettema in 1849 by Carl Johan Albert Siegert for ƒ4,500. The mill passed to his son Carl J W Siegert and was advertised for sale for ƒ2,526 following his death in 1870. It was not sold, and was run by Carl Ernest Hugo Siegert until his death in 1915, passing to his son Foeke Siegert. A pair of sails broke in that year. New sails were fitted, as was a replacement windshaft. The windshaft had previously been used in Windlust, Sneek, Friesland, which had burnt down in 1914. The work was carried out by millwright Jan Piers Oly of Sneek.

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