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Attingham Park is an English country house and estate in Shropshire. Located near the village of Atcham, on the B4380 Shrewsbury to Wellington road. It is owned by the National Trust. It is a Grade I listed building.

Attingham Park was built in 1785 for Noel Hill, 1st Baron Berwick. Lord Berwick, a former MP for Shropshire, received his title in 1784 during the premiership of William Pitt the Younger, during which he had been instrumental in the reorganisation of the East India Company. Lord Berwick already owned a house on the site of Attingham Park called Tern Hall, but with money he received along with his title he commissioned the architect George Steuart to design a new and grander house to be built around the original hall. The new country house encompassed the old property entirely, and once completed it was given the name Attingham Hall.

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