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Karghilik (叶城; Yèchéng) is a city in Xinjiang Province in China.

Tibet is accessible via the Xinjiang-Tibet Highway but not for foreigners. The town of Ali, Tibet is 1100 km away and takes between 3-5 days of high altitudes, freezing temperatures and possible fines by the PSB at the border. For those foolhardy enough to travel this route, the road starts 6 km east of Karghilik. Not long after you arrive in town, you will have all kinds of touts offering to drive you to Ali for ¥300-1,000. You might be riding in a car, the back of a truck or, if you are lucky, the back of a bus. Be sure that you are prepared - cash, since the ATM's in China are few and far between, warm clothing, food (nothing that needs to be cooked) and water for at least 5 days, since you do not know what will be available along the way, and, for safety precaution, something to overpower either a man or animal should something be needed.

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