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Liuzi Temple (simplified Chinese: 柳子庙; traditional Chinese: 柳子廟; pinyin: Liŭzǐmiào) is a monument built to honor Liu Zongyuan, a Chinese writer and poet who had lived here for 10 years during the Tang dynasty (618–907). The temple covers an area of more than 2,000-square-metre (22,000 sq ft) and made of wood and bricks.

Located in Liuzi Street of Yongzhou, Hunan, beside Yu Stream (愚溪), Liuzi Temple is a Confucian temple with a history of nearly a thousand years and was first built as Liu Zihou Ancestral Temple (柳子厚祠堂) in the 3rd Year of Period Zhihe, namely AD 1056, in the reign of Emperor Renzong in the Northern Song dynasty (960–1127).

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