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Yu County, also known by its Chinese name Yuxian, is a county under the jurisdiction of the prefecture-level city of Zhangjiakou in northwestern Hebei province, China. Yuzhou (蔚州镇) is the county seat.

The area was home to the capital of the state of Dai during the Spring and Autumn Period of the Zhou Dynasty. Under the Qin Dynasty, present-day Yu County was organized as Dai County, with its seat Daixian located northeast of present-day Yuzhou. Daixian also served as the capital of Dai Commandery, overseeing 11 or 13 counties in what is now northwestern Hebei and northeastern Shanxi. Under the Eastern Han, the commandery seat was moved west to Gaoliu (near present-day Yanggao in Shanxi). It returned to Daixian near present-day Yuzhou under the kingdom of Wei during the Three Kingdoms Period before the commandery was abolished in 388. (A separate Dai Commandery was established by the Northern Wei in the 520s, with its seat at Pingcheng, just northeast of present-day Datong in Shanxi.)

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