Banski dvori

Zagreb, Croatia

Banski dvori

Banski Dvori (pronounced [bâːnskiː dvɔ̌ːri], Ban's Court) is a historical building on the west side of St. Mark's Square in Zagreb, Croatia. It served as the official residence of the Croatian Bans (viceroys) and currently houses the Croatian Government.

The Banski Dvori is a two-story baroque building constructed by Ignaz Gyulai in the first half of the 19th century. It was the residence of Croatian bans from 1809 to 1918, hence the name Banski Dvori ("Ban's Court"). During this period, it housed the Tabula Banalis and later the Royal Court Table. Ban Josip Jelačić, for whom Ban Jelačić Square is named, was a resident of Banski Dvori.

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