Ivanja Reka interchange

Zagreb, Croatia

Ivanja Reka interchange

The Ivanja Reka interchange (Croatian: Čvor Ivanja Reka) is a cloverleaf interchange east of Zagreb, Croatia. The interchange represents the southern terminus of the A4 motorway and it connects the A4 route to the A3 motorway representing major a link in the Croatian motorway system. The interchange is a part of Pan-European corridors Vb and X. It also represents a junction of European routes E65, E70 and E71.

The interchange was completed at junction of the Ž1035—four lane road providing access to Zagreb, present-day A3 motorway section to Lipovljani, built in 1980, and a 22.15-kilometre (13.76 mi) section between the Lučko and Ivanja Reka interchanges, a section of the Zagreb bypass opened in 1981. It was named after the nearby village of Ivanja Reka. The interchange originally also included a four-lane road, later upgraded and renamed as A4 motorway connecting Varaždin.

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