Mirogoj Cemetery

Zagreb, Croatia

Mirogoj Cemetery


The Mirogoj City Cemetery (pronounced [mîrɔɡɔːj], Croatian: Gradsko groblje Mirogoj), also known as Mirogoj Cemetery (Croatian: Groblje Mirogoj), is a cemetery park that is considered to be among the more noteworthy landmarks in the city of Zagreb. The cemetery inters members of all religious groups: Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, Latter Day Saints; irreligious graves can all be found. In the arcades are the last resting places of many famous Croats.

The Mirogoj Cemetery was built on a plot of land owned by the linguist Ljudevit Gaj, purchased by the city in 1872, after his death. Architect Hermann Bollé designed the main building. The new cemetery was inaugurated on 6 November 1876.

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