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Zhaotong (Chinese: 昭通) is a prefecture-level city located in the northeast corner of Yunnan province, China, bordering the provinces of Guizhou to the south and southeast and Sichuan to the northeast, north, and west.

Zhaotong has historic and cultural links to the Shu (Sichuan basin) region. Yi people consider Zhaotong as their homeland (called Zizipuwu). Zhaotong was part of Zhuti County (朱提縣) during Han to Tang dynasty. Zhaotong belonged to the Nanzhao then Dali Kingdom until the Mongols destroyed the latter in the 13th century. During the Yuan dynasty, it became the Wumeng Commandery (乌蒙路), during which many Hui Muslims settled in the area. During the Qing dynasty, local tusi chieftains were removed, the region was renamed Zhaotong Prefecture.

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