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Zielona Góra (German: Grünberg), is the capital city of the Lubuskie voidodeship, in western Poland. It is famous as the wine capital of Poland as well as the northernmost wine growing region in Europe. Each year, a film festival takes place in the summer and in the fall an important wine festival, Winobranie.

Zielona Góra is a city in the historical region of Lower Silesia, which has a quite long and unusual history for a Polish city. It has been a big wine producer for a long time, and cultivation of grapes date back to the medieval times. The decline of its wine production started with the arrival of the railway, (when it was part of Germany) and it became quite cheap for Silesia to import wines from other wine producing regions. The industry changed its profile to produce other alcohols, such as sparkling wines, brandies, and others. Wine production finally came to an end with the coming of the communist era. The growing city absorbed the countryside, and the quality of wine produced here became disastrous, so people started buying other products, especially Hungarian and Bulgarian wines. The main wine producer went bankrupt in early '90s. The tradition however is triumphing once again with growing number of small wine producers in the Zielona Góra region, the revival of the tradition is encouraged by the city and region authorities. The local products can be bought during the annual wine festival in September.

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