Arboretum Zürich

Zürich, Switzerland

Arboretum Zürich


The Arboretum is a botanical garden, public park and arboretum in Switzerland. The garden is part of the so-called Quaianlagen, a series of lakefronts in Zürich. The area also houses a lido, a public bath with a lake sauna, and the Voliere Zürich including the Vogelpflegestation, a unique sanatorium for birds.

Arboretum is situated in Zürich-Enge, as of today being a district of the city of Zürich, on Zürichsee lake shore being a part of the so-called Quaianlagen initiated by Arnold Bürkli. The park is separated by the General-Guisan-Quai and Mythenquai roads, from the lower lake shore promenade and the Enge harbour area.

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