Augustinerkloster Zürich

Zurich, Switzerland

Augustinerkloster Zürich


Augustinerkloster was one of the eight monasteries within the medieval city of Zürich in Switzerland. It was founded around 1270 as an Augustinian Order priory on the site of the present Augustinerkirche Zürich on Münzplatz, and was abolished in 1524.

Situated on today's Münzplatz that is named after the later mint, the street Augustinergasse is named after the abbey. The area of the convent was west of the St. Peterhofstatt square towards the then Fröschengraben moat. The Augustinerkirche Zürich, like the street with the same name, is named after the former Augustinian monastery, meaning the church of the Augustinian order. In the high European Middle Ages, the abbey was part of the fortifications of Zürich, situated on the lower slope of the Lindenhof hill, at the location of the so-called small Kecinstürlin gate at the southern Fröschengraben moat, the Augustinertor gate. The inner moat was enforced by the 16th-century Schanzengraben.

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