Theater am Hechtplatz

Zürich, Switzerland

Theater am Hechtplatz

The Theater am Hechtplatz is a theatre in the German-speaking Switzerland situated at Limmatquai in Zürich. Founded in 1959 as a Cabaret, it's owned and provided by the government of the city of Zürich.

To give a solid performance venue to the Swiss cabaret, Theater am Hechtplatz was founded on the initiative of Dionysius Gurny, secretary of Emil Landolt, then the mayor of the city of Zürich. On 25 April 1959 the opening took place with the program "Eusi chliini city" by the Cabaret Fédéral. The city loaned the theater to Otto Weissert, director of the Cabaret Fédéral, under the preserve that it had to serve temporarily as a second stage of Schauspielhaus Zürich. Schauspielhaus soon suspended for financial reasons, the Cabaret Fédéral was resolved, and Weissert was appointed as director of Schauspielhaus. In 1961 the operation of the theater was therefore associated to a department of the Zürich mayor's office, the present Präsidialdepartement; since 1971 the theater is subsidized by the city of Zürich.

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