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The Dutch city of Zwolle is home to some 120.000 people and, although second in size to Enschede, it serves as the province capital of Overijssel. It is known as a "green city" for its many parks and the municipality's efforts to maintain them through sustainable activities. Zwolle is surrounded by different rivers and lies at a meeting point of different ecological zones. For visitors, it's well-kept town centre is one of the main attractions, with an abundance of historic buildings and a pleasant city atmosphere.

The area where Zwolle lies has been inhabited since the Neolithic times, for which proof was found in the form of archeological artifacts and a (Bronze time) timber circle which is colloquially called Zwolle's Woodhenge. In Roman times, Salian Franks lived here. The city as we know is first documented in the 11th century, but it was the 13th century city- and market rights that made the Zwolle grow. It became a member of the Hanseatic League and grew into a flourishing trade centre. There was strong competition with neighbouring Kampen.

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